27. January 2022

BITZER Impurity Machine

Impurity Machine Type SLN and Type MLN

The legally protected BITZER Impurity Machine provides automatic sample cleaning as well as scales legal for trade in order to determine the values of clean grain, small seeds and impurities. This leads to a faster impurity analysis for an effective gross receiving. The weighing results are indicated. The sample cleaning process is made by the integrated sample cleaner.

The results are shown on the central control panel via text indicator in absolute numbers as well as in percentage. Optionally, you can print the results on a self-adhesive label for the reference sample.

The systematic process saves time, avoids operating errors and therefore it enhances the efficiency and reliability in your lab work which now can be performed without professionals. Dust protection and sound insulation measures lead to a considerably cleaner and quieter ambience in your laboratory.

New: Our BITZER Impurity Machine for an automatic sample cleaning and impurity analysis is now available in a new variant with a sample cleaner Pfeuffer type MLN.

Your benefits:

  • Entry level model to improve efficiency in the grain laboratory
  • Time saving due to aspiration, sieving and weighing in one process
  • Cost savings due to substitution of separate laboratory scales and sample cleaner (model MLN or SLN)
  • Modular system: Expandable to BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser for full automation of
    grain quality determination
  • Comfortable dust protection and sound insulation
  • Documentation by connecting a label printer (optional)
  • For dealers: technical training for your service personell


Due to our now available sample cleaner type MLN we are looking for retailers, who would like to add the BITZER Impurity Machine MLN (or SLN as well as our Automatic Sample Analyser) to their product range. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail at marketing(at)bitzer-waage.de.

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Gewerbliche Schule Im Hoppenlau (School for agriculture business) about our rental device:

"We can ideally use the BITZER Impurity Machine for our courses (...) and for schooling our trainees."

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