27. January 2022

Axle scale

Axles scales sometimes represent a space- and cost-saving alternative to common truck scales (truck scale for ground level installation or truck scale for overground installation). However, we would like to point out that it is not possible in Germany to calibrate axle scales – they can only be used for internal control weighings.

Our axle scale can be delivered in steel or in concrete construction. You can also choose between static and dynamic execution. For the static weighing process it is necessary that the vehicle stops on the weighing platform axle by axle so that each axle can be weighed separately. The dynamic version allows the automatic weighing of the vehicle while driving over the scale at a constant speed of approximately 8 – 10 km/h. The single axle weights are summed up automatically and the total weight is shown on the indicator.

Basically, the BITZER axle scale is characterised by a very stable and rugged construction. The used load cells are highly stressable and are able to efficiently absorb impact forces. This leads to a long life of the complete scale construction.The weighing platform of our axle scale is installed into a foundation pit. The accuracy of axle scales highly depends on optimal installation and utilisation conditions as well as on vehicle dimensions (e.g. distance between the axles etc.).

Helpful additional components are e.g. large displays with or without integrated traffic lights which indicate the status of the weighing process.

The software BITZER BioEnergy is especially useful for biogas plants and can be easily connected to the axle scale. By means of this software, the weighing process can be activated by a remote control and the vehicle can be identified and directly related to the corresponding plot.

Technical data – steel construction

Platform size Weighing capacity per axle Quantity load cells Partition
3000 x 700 x 250 mm 15 t 4 100 kg
3000 x 700 x 250 mm 15 t 4 100 kg


  • Dynamic weighing
  • Connection of additional large displays (with integrated traffic lights) or printer
  • Wireless activation of weighing by remote control
  • For the concrete construction, a foundation trough is available.
  • Excess sizes on demand
  • Connection of software BITZER BioEnergy (especially for biogas plants)

Your benefits

  • Stable and rugged construction
  • Space- and cost-saving
  • Ideal für internal control weighings
  • Minimised maintenance cost due to maintenance-free load cells and bearings in stainless steel execution (made in Germany)
  • Fast weighing via dynamic axle scale, optionally activation of weighing by remote control
  • Easy relocation


Title Typ Size
Axle scale pdf (423 Kb )
Software BITZER BioEnergy pdf (501 Kb )

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