16. February 2020

Combined rail and truck scale

The legal for trade combined rail and truck scales stand out for their high standard of pre-fabrication. Due to the recessed rails (PH37), this scale is suitable for road vehicles as well as rail vehicles. The weighbridges are measured and reinforced according to DIN 8119 and freight train UIC71 of the German rail company (Deutsche Bahn AG). High-quality concrete C45/55 (XC4,XD3,XF4,XA2,XM2) makes weighbridge and foundation pit resistant to abrasion and de-icing salt.

Optionally, it is possible to integrate the rail´s front building into the pre-fabricated foundation. Due to high-quality load cells (made in Germany) with maintenance-free elastomer bearings, costs for maintenance and spare parts are minimised, even though the scale is subject to high operational demands. By default, we offer our combined rail and truck scales with a length of 8 x 3 m to 24 x 3 m. According to customer´s requirements we also provide dual-unit rail and street weighbridges.

An alternative to the installed combined rail and truck scale is the railroad scale, which can be used for weighing of rail vehicles as well as the truck scale for ground level installation for common road vehicles.

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