27. January 2022

Sack filling and weighing machines

Sack filling and weighing machines as well as big bag loading stations are used to provide exact dosing of free-floating bulk goods into specified casks. The scales are legal for trade according to MID-regulations.

With regard to individual operating site, we recommend different systems. Basically, there is a difference between sack filling and weighing machines and big bag loading stations. The sack filling and weighing machine is used for slump of casks between 10 and 50 kg. Material is filled into open bags or valve sacks. Optionally those systems provide a conveyor road for removing completed bags. Furthermore it is possible to connect the scale to sack palletising machine.

In many places customers require to pack free-floating goods in big bags. The weighing capacity usually adds up between 300 kg and 1.500 kg. Big bag scales are available in simple construction, which have to be handled 80 % manually. Apart from this, also complex systems are provided realising fully automatic processes.

In the following there is presented an automatic dosing and legal for trade weighing of big bags:

The big bags are attached to pneumatic handle brackets. For quick and efficient operation the brackets in the back move towards the operator.

By using accurate dosing electronics, loading processes are automatically optimised. This automatic system enables the filling and weighing of approx. 30 up to 35 big bags per hour. Regarding the material, the big bag station can be designed with or without rapping gear. Due to the modular construction the customer is able to choose freely the level of automation, e.g. automatic stockpiling of pallets, automatic handing-over into further working steps (e.g. via Profibus/Profinet). Optionally, it is possible to connect the scale to BITZER software solutions.

Your benefits

  • Automatic weighing, legal for trade (SWA)
  • High performance up to 35 casks per hour
  • Handling of different casks size by one big bag loading station
  • Capable of being integrated in existing process systems (e.g. via Profibus/Profinet)
  • Full-service including initiation by manufacturer without gauging office according to MID-Regulation 2014/32/EU)


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