27. January 2022

Export truck scales

Export truck scales made of steel (or concrete) are available in different executions.

By default, we offer our export truck scales with a length of 8 m to 24 m. Excess widths are also possible. The weighbridges can be installed into a foundation that has to be prepared by the customer. As an alternative, the scale can also be mounted on a stable subgrade. For the overground installation, additional ramps are necessary in order to drive onto and down from the weighbridge.

The steel constructions can be delivered in welded or screwed execution. Our export truck scales are equipped with calibratable, high-quality load cells (made in Germany) with maintenance-free elastomer bearings. Therefore, it is possible to achieve especially high weighing capacities of up to 120 t on demand. The steel construction is grouted by concrete on site. This grouting is carried out by the customer. The result ist a rugged and top-quality product which causes only low transport costs. Alternatively, the lane covering can be realised by using teardrop pattern anti-slip plates.

Due to their modular construction and lower weight, our export truck scales are suitable for longer delivery distances as the transport costs are less than for truck scales made of concret.

Another truck scale type suitable for export is the mobile truck scale in steel construction. For further transport cost minimisation, we offer special sets of weighing components. These sets include construction drawings for the local production of the weighbridge as well as all necessary other components (e.g. load cells, bearings, terminal box, weighing indicator).

Your benefits

  • Different steel constructions (e.g. screwed or welded)
  • Weighing capacities up to 120 t
  • Excess widths are possible
  • Maintenance-free load cells and elastomer bearings
  • Weighing indicator offers different operating languages

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