27. January 2022

Rental truck scales

Mobile truck scales made of steel or concrete can be rented from us for a short time or even for longer periods. Both types of truck scale (for overground installation) are calibratable and legal for trade.

Rental steel scale

The rental steel scale consists of single elements (6 m / segment) and therefore offers a quick and easy installation. Due to its modular construction, the rental steel scale can be relocated easily without the need of a crane and a special transport. This scale type is suitable for the short-term use. Because of the low weight of the single elements it is also possible to install this kind of scale on a stable ground by the customer himself. Furthermore, this scale has a very low construction height of only 310 mm. The rental steel scale is especially suitable for only a few weighings per day.

Of course, it is also possible to purchase this type of truck scale.

Benefits rental steel scale

  • Easy transport and portable due to low weight of single segments
  • Installation on a stable ground can be carried out by the customer himself
  • Including ramps
  • Calibratable load-cells with maintenance-free elastomer bearings
  • Initial calibration by manufacturer is possible within EU
  • Scale can be operated using a simple weighing indicator or a comfortable BITZER software
  • This scale can be rented monthly

Technical data

Length: 6 m, 12 m, 18 m
Lane width: each 800 mm
Total width: 2,80 m
Track height: 310 mm
Weighing capacity: up to 50 t
Partition: 10 / 20 kg

Rental concrete scale

The rental concrete scale is constructed for the long-term use. A crane is necessary for the installation of the weighbridge. In general a rental time of at least 6 months is recommended. The weighbridge is made of a high-quality concrete (quality class C45/55) and is suitable for a lot of weighings per day. It is possible to connect this scale to different kinds of weighing indicators and to trade-specific BITZER software so that a fluent weighing process is guaranteed.

Benefits rental conrete scale

  • Suitable for the long-term use and for a high number of weighings per day
  • Weighing bridge made of high-quality concrete, quality category C45/55
  • Prefabricated foundations (L-shaped)
  • If L-shaped foundations are installed, ramps can be gravelled against them (to be done by the customer)
  • Calibratable load cells with maintenance free elastomer bearings
  • Initial calibration by manufacturer is possible within EU
  • Scale can be operated using a weighing indicator or a comfortable BITZER software

Technical data

Weighing bridge: 18 x 3 m
Total height: 390 mm
Carrying capacity: 60 t according to DIN 8119
Weighing capacity: 50 t / 60 t
Partition: 20 kg

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