27. January 2022

Special constructions of truck scales

Truck scale “used as a road bridge”

A common road bridge can be constructed as a truck scale. The bearing of the road bridge is carried out by e.g. four load cells including high-quality elastomer bearings.


  • Longtime experience in the construction of truck scales
  • Various patented solutions for difficult requirements / difficult installation situations
  • In-house engineering department to find customised solutions
  • Close cooperation between mechanical and electronical engineering department as well as software development in order to optimise the integration of a scale into existing processes

Technical data of a truck scale „used as a road bridge“:

Length of bridge: 22 m
Weight of bridge: 22 m
Total width: 4 m
Lane width: 3 m
2 Footways, each: 0,5 m
4 Load cells, each: 100 t
Weighing capacity: 60 t
Partition: 20 kg

Tilting truck scale

The tilting truck scale disposes of an integrated hydraulic tippler. This kind of scale is particularly suitable for the reception of grain at a grain hopper, as the weighbridge can be lifted/tilted for unloading the truck. As a consequence, the grain flows directly into the grain hopper.

Therefore, this construction enables the operator to carry out the gross and the net weighing in one work step by avoiding that the truck has to be moved again during this process.

Truck scales in special construction / special execution

We also offer truck scales with excess length (e.g. 26 m, 28 m or 36 m) and with excess width (3,30 m or 3,50 m). In fact, we have already realised truck scales for overground installation with a width of 4,60 m (legal for trade).

On demand, we also can supply our concrete truck scales with special coatings. This is especially important for customers belonging to chemical industry in order to protect the concrete parts from damages caused by chemicals.

These special constructions achieve the same exact weighing results and provide the same persistent quality as our modern standard truck scales (truck scale for ground level installation or truck scale for overground installation).

Special installations of truck scales

Due to the use of a special chain hoist, we are able to install truck scales under existing silo constructions or roofs - or even inside existing halls. Because of our longtime experience, we have developed the necessary know-how and special proceedings to realise the installation of truck scales in complicated places (e.g. limited accessibility to the installation place or absence of footprint for cranes).

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