27. January 2022

Truck scales for ground level installation

The calibratable BITZER truck scales are characterised by their high degree of pre-fabrication. For our truck scale for ground level installation, this means in detail that weighbridge, foundation trough and the load cells are completely pre-assembled. The foundation depth of this scale type is only 0,67 m which leads to less earthwork.
Standard lengths are available from 8 to 24 m with a carrying capacity of up to 60 t. 

The concrete quality is C45/55 (XC4, XD3, XF4, XA2, XM2).
Because of our high-quality load cells and elastomer bearings, the maintenance and spare parts cost for our truck scales are considerably reduced. The truck scale at ground level can be crossed over from all directions without any problems. By default, our scope of supply includes weighing indicator and printer. 

As an alternative to the ground level construction, we also offer the truck scale for overground installation, which can be easily relocated and do not require a foundation trough due to the overground construction.

Technical Data

Weighbridge size* Weighing capacity Quantity load cells Foundation depth
8 x 3 m 30 t 4 0,67 m
10 x 3 m 40 t 4 0,67 m
16 x 3 m 50 t 6 0,67 m
18 x 3 m 50 t / 60 t 6 0,67 m
20 x 3 m 50 t / 60 t 6 0,67 m
24 x 3 m 50 t / 60 t 8 0,67 m

*Truck scales with excess length and excess width are available on demand.


Your benefits

  • Truck scale construction with a high degree of pre-fabrication for installation within only a few hours
  • Self-cleaning foundation trough due to integrated slope
  • Cost minimisation for earthwork due to low foundation depth
  • High-quality concrete C45/55 is used for weighbridge and foundation trough
  • Minimised maintenance cost due to maintenance-free load cells and bearings in stainless steel execution (made in Germany)
  • Relocatable 

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