27. January 2022

Calibration service

Whenever a scale is used for business, offical transactions or for measurements in the public benefit the usage of an officially calibrated weighing system is required.

The calibration period starts with the day of the calibration and ends by the end of the year, in which the deadline expires (e.g. 3 years in Germany for truck scales). 10 weeks before the end of the year, thus approx. mid-October, the new calibration application has to be filed. On this occasion the operator of the gauge has to be aware of the time limit.

Bitzer Wiegetechnik GmbH offers comprehensive services in the field of scale calibrations. We organise the official calibration of mechanical, electronic or hybrid weighing systems including making all appointments with the gauging office and, if necessary, maintenance of the scale.

We offer our services for conventional truck scales and platform scales, but also for automatic weighing systems like bulk scales or bagging scales.

As a certified manufacturer with an approved quality management system we are accredited to start up new or rebuilt weighing systems without official gauging office (calibration authority) and to carry out conformity assessments (formerly known as initial calibrations). For automatic scales (e.g. bulk scales or bagging scales) this means a conformity assessment according to regulation 2014/32/EU. For truck scales or other non-automatic weighing systems, we carry out conformity assessments in accordance with EU-Regulation 2014/31/EU. This „full-service“ offers the advantage that all preliminary work, disposition of calibration vehicles and calibration itself including all necessary documents  are organised from one source.

Due to our modern calibration vehicles we are able to carry out calibrations fast and without problems. Our qualified personnel disposes of longtime experience and is regularly trained in order to stay familiar with all current developments.


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