27. January 2022

Calibration data archive

The Windows programme BITZER calibration data archive is used for automatic readout and archiving of weighing data out of the calibration memory. This weight data is not only available in the weighing electronic, but also centrally visible on the computer.

Several scales can be connected via network to the software, whereby the software is suitable for companies with various different scales. The programme is based on a modern and powerful Oracle database and offers due to its client-server architecture the installation on multiple workstations. Therefore, a central administration of the weighing data is possible from several workstations.


  • Automatic readout and archiving of the calibration memory of one or more weighing
    indicators (Disomat) in the network
  • Central administration of the weighing data from several workstations
  • Readout via interval (day and time are adjustable) or manual call up
  • Synchronisation of PC time with the connected scales
  • Storage of data in a powerful Oracle database
  • Displaying and printing of the transferred data (scale-number, date, time, gross, tare)
  • Selection option of data (date, time, scale number)
  • Readout programme runs continuously in the background as a service
  • Commissioning of clients without installation efforts

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