27. January 2022

Logistic systems

Effective yard management

BITZER logistic systems aim to support efficient internal logistic processes on the company site. The overall target is to optimise the processing time of receiving and shipping of goods.

Therefore, the system automatises goods movements enabling truck drivers to weigh themselves without support from operating staff. This is realised by self service stations. At those stations the customer identifies himself by using a chip card, RFID, barcode, QR code or mobile devices and follows the indicated operating instructions (also available multilingual).

Modular construction - custom-fit for your company

The terminal software is based on modern web technology. Therefore, the typical standard procedure for registration and guidance of the truck drivers can be changed easily according to your specific requirements. The same applies for the terminal hardware. The hardware is constructed module-based and can be equipped with different components, such as touch monitor, barcode reader, printer, signature pad, traffic light et al.

Combined with driver guidance systems the truck drivers can navigate quickly on the premises. The instructions for the drivers (e. g. the unloading point) can be displayed on a single or multiline display board. That way material delivery and collections can be implemented without operating personell, even 24 hours per day.

In order to realise this automatic process, the weighing technology, such as truck scales, bulk scales, silo weighing systems or sack filling and weighing machines, is connected via interface to existing internal or external EDP systems. Those interfaces are implemented via XML and/or Webservices. Furthermore, also process systems can be connected to the logistics system (e.g. via Profibus/Profinet). Using this, it is possible to control loading stations or hauling distance automatically.

Due to an individual software programming, we can implement your specific requirements easily. High availability of scales and software as well as data security are of prime importance.

Your benefits:

  • Complete solutions including scales, terminals and software
  • Data exchange with merchandise management systems via CSV, XML, HTTP REST et al
  • Automatic receiving and shipping of material with various terminal configurations
  • Driver guidance system on the company site
  • 24h/7d operation without operationg personnel
  • Smart operating instructions (multilingual)
  • Position control via cameras, light barriers et al

BITZER Logistics concept

The above illustration shows, how the descriped elements unite to a holistic logistics concept in combination with the Bitzer Web Software.

We are happy to assist you, to select the elements your site needs and develop an individual yard management process and effective logistc system.


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Operation example

Registration with ID card
Document scanning
Grain quality analysis runs in the background

Examples terminals

Weighing terminal
Terminal with barcode scanner and virtual traffic lightTerminal with barcode scanner and virtual traffic light
Terminal with barcode scanner and receipt printerTerminal with barcode scanner and receipt printer

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