27. January 2022

BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser

BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser is designed to improve the time consuming sample analysing process in the grain laboratory. The analysing process has to be terminated before the material – according to its´ quality – is put into the storehouses. This new and patented procedure determines all relevant qualities (impurities, clean grain, small seeds, hectolitre weight, humidity, protein, sedimentation value, gluten, oil et al.) in a fully automatic process and leads to considerable savings of time. This system integrates a NIR grain analyser communicating bidirectionally in order to inform the grain analyser about the material to be analysed and, on the other hand, to transmit the results from the grain analyser to the sample analyser machine.

By scanning the ident label, the BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser is activated. After the sample has gone through the sample cleaner, which also includes automatic weighing systems, the purified sample is put into the NIR grain analyser. The analysing values are verified and shown on the machine’s integrated touch-screen. Finally, the Automatic Sample Analyser produces a label for the retained sample. In order to generate a complete delivery receipt in one reception act as well as to enable the silo foreman to bin the material according to its quality, it is possible to build up a network, e.g. in connection with the weighing software BITZER AGRAR. Apart from the connection to our own systems, it is possible to use the Sample Analyser as stand-alone device or to connect the analysing system to a third-party system via XML-interface.

The Automatic Sample Analyser’s simple handling enables the assignment of untrained personnel. Therefore, this new system saves labour costs and minimises operating errors. Due to the integration of already existing laboratory devices, as sample cleaner and grain analysers, the investment is considerably moderate. To sum up, BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser leads to a faster, cleaner and quieter procedure of grain analysis than it is realised by conventional methods.

BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser with second impurity line

Through the extension of the BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser with a second impurity line it is possible to analyse two different grain sorts at the same time without changing the sieves. In this case an additional sample cleaner is installed into a sound- and dust-protection cabinet and equipped with an additional automatic weighing system consisting of two scales, legal for trade. Then the sample cleaner is connected to the main sample analyser control-unit. This extension is particularly suitable for very high receiving quantities (e.g. during harvest season).

Your benefits:

  • Fully automatic laboratory process for rapid grain reception including integration of sample
    cleaner (model SLN) as well as grain analysers
  • Time savings and prevention of operating errors
  • Automatic process of impurity and quality analysis, storage of all values on one database
  • Integration of further analysing instruments, e.g. falling number device (optional)
  • Connection of BITZER AGRAR Software or external systems (optional)


We are looking for retailers, who would like to add the BITZER Impurity Machine and BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser to their product range. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail at marketing(a)bitzer-waage.de.

An alternative to our Automatic Sample Analyser is the BITZER Laboratory Information System (LIS). We connect your laboratory devices with an interface to the BITZER Laboratory Information System (LIS). The LIS enables operators to work on different samples at various devices at the same time. The LIS collects all values and transfers them to the BITZER weighing software or external systems.

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