Bulk scales

Our bulk scales are automatic high performance scales for free flowing bulk materials and are available in performance classes from 25 t/h to 400 t/h. The weighing container has a capacity between 10 and 2.200 kg. The scale carries out as many individual pourings as necessary until a specified total weight is reached.

In practice, the terms hopper scale and continuous scale are often used as synonyms for the bulk scale. This scale type is used in particular in the grain and sugar industries for receiving, dosing and loading grain and sugar. For higher requirements, for example for ship loading, we also offer so-called duplex scales. Duplex scales are available for higher performance requirements, with capacities up to 1,500 t/h.

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Design according to ATEX regulations and Machinery Directive

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Bulk scale operation via Bitzer software

The bulk scale is operated either via a weighing terminal, which is also available in several languages, or alternatively via BITZER software solutions. In addition, the scale can be connected to different bus systems (e.g. Profibus/Profinet) and can be integrated into an existing process control system (PCS). Due to the possibility of connection to the BITZER software, the bulk scale can be remotely operated and integrated into a logistic system.

Service for bulk scales

The construction of our bulk scale is characterized by the easy accessibility of the load cells and the pneumatic parts. This means that service and maintenance work on the bulk scales can be carried out more quickly and cost-effectively.

In addition to the modern electronic bulk scales, we also offer the retrofitting of existing mechanical scales. Through the modernization considerable increases in performance can be achieved.

As a certified manufacturer, we are allowed to carry out the commissioning and conformity assessment of the scales (as initial verification).


  • Stainless steel version
  • ATEX version for scales to be installed in zone 22
  • Containers above and underneath the scale
  • Connection to BITZER software solutions
  • Integration into existing control systems (e.g. via Profibus/Profinet)
  • Commissioning and conformity assessment (initial verification) without the Weights and Measures Office (MID conformity according to EC Directive 2014/32/EU)

Technical data

Weighing capacity


Performance (for heavy grain)

10 up to 50 kg

50 g

approx. 25 t/h

100 kg

100 g

approx. 50 t/h

200 kg

100 g

approx. 80 t/h

400 kg

200 g

approx. 120 t/h

600 kg

500 g

approx. 170 t/h

800 kg

500 g

approx. 200 t/h

1.200 kg

500 g

approx. 250 t/h

1.500 kg

1.000 g

approx. 300 t/h

2.200 kg

1.000 / 2000 g

approx. 400 t/h

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