Truck scales

We offer a wide range of truck scales, also known as weighbridges, for use in various branches (e.g. agriculture, recycling, building materials, industry, etc.). Truck scales are used to determine the weight of various vehicle types (e.g. trucks, cars, tractors, construction machinery) and their loads (e.g. sand, gravel, rubble, grain, sugar, salt). Find out more about truck scales below.

What is a truck scale used for?

There are various reasons why it is necessary to weigh a vehicle precisely. For example, for the transport of raw materials or goods, it is necessary to check the total weight of the vehicle in order to identify possible unacceptable overloads. Elsewhere, truck scales are used for weighing and recording delivery and collection quantities. Building material companies, such as gravel and sand pits, weigh the incoming and outgoing materials with truck scales, for example. Recycling companies and public recycling yards also use truck scales to record and bill incoming waste volumes. Furthermore, the truck scales are also often used in agriculture, so that e. g. delivered grain can be properly weighed.

Different types of trucks scales

Truck scales made of concrete are characterized by their high degree of prefabrication and their longevity. In principle, there is the option of installing these truck scales at ground level or above ground.
Truck scales installed at ground level fit perfectly into the courtyard area and can also be crossed over.
Overfloor truck scales are openly accessible on the sides for cleaning and maintenance. Especially in rather dirty environments, the easy cleaning of these truck scales is a big advantage. In addition, the above-floor scale is relatively easy to move and is therefore also suitable for use on construction sites.
As an alternative to concrete construction, we also offer mobile truck scales in steel construction for sale or rent. The fact that it can be very easily moved using a forklift truck speaks in favor of using a steel scale. It is therefore also suitable for short-term use (e.g. construction site, harvest) or for changing locations.

Truck scales at ground level

Overfloor truck scales

Mobile truck scales (made of steel)

Rental scales (made of steel)

Special constructions

Q&A truck scales

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