27. January 2022

Truck scales

Truck scales and special constructions
Truck scales

Bitzer Wiegetechnik GmbH offers a wide range of truck scales. Besides truck scales for ground level installation, truck scales for overground installation are available in different dimensions available. These scale types are characterised by their high degree of pre-fabrication. Furthermore, truck scales, especially developed for export, are available. This scale type is consisting of a steel construction that has to be grouted by concrete on site. For short-term and medium-term use, Bitzer offers mobile truck scales made of steel or concrete for rent. This is useful if the scale is just needed for a limited period of time.


Truck scales for ground level installation

This type of scale is installed at ground level. The installation depth is only 0,67 m. Weighbridge and foundation trough are pre-assembled. Therefore, the installation can be realised within just a few hours.

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Rental truck scales made of steel or concrete

Mobile truck scales made of steel or concrete can be rented from us for a short time or even for longer periods.

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Truck scales for overground installation

Due to the overground construction of this truck scale, it can be easily relocated. The track height is only 0,39 m.

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Exportwaage von Bitzer

Export truck scales

We offer different types of export-oriented truck scales, e.g. an export scale which is consisting of a screwed or welded steel construction that has to be grouted by concrete on site.

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Special constructions

Our truck scales are available with excess length and excess width as well as with non-standard weighing capacities. Special installations can also be realised.

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