Silo weighing systems

With a silo scale, you can determine the weight of silo or container contents (e.g. grain, wood pellets, granulate, etc.) and thus monitor the filling level of the container. The silo scale consists of load cells and a weighing terminal and is installed below the silo/container.

By measuring the level of the silo content, the operator has a good overview of the storage of material and learns early enough that the content of the silo is running out so that material can be refilled or reordered.

Weighing of silos or containers

For the weighing of silos or containers, the existing containers are fitted with load cells in order to record, dose and control quantities.

We supply all the necessary weighing components (load cells, bearings, terminal boxes, weighing terminals including interfaces), taking into account the on-site conditions. In addition, our in-house design department can provide engineering services and our specialist staff can carry out assembly and commissioning on site.

füllstand | Bitzer Wiegetechnik

Level indicator

dosierung | Bitzer Wiegetechnik


of the goods to be weighed

interne kontrollzwecke 500 | Bitzer Wiegetechnik

Independent loading

with automatic switch-off when a target weight value is reached

Siloverwiegung 2 | Bitzer Wiegetechnik
integration | Bitzer Wiegetechnik


into process control systems (PCS)

speicherung | Bitzer Wiegetechnik

Registration and storage

of actual quantities, quantities used, performance in t, etc.