Platform scales

Our electronic platform scales can be used in a variety of ways and have no wearing parts. This means that they are almost maintenance-free.

What are platform scales?

Platform scales are used in different kinds of branches for easy weighing of incoming or outgoing goods, e.g. before dispatch or before storage.

A special type is the pallet scale which is used for the quick processing of pallets when receiving or shipping goods. This version of scale does not have a continuous weighing platform, but a U-shaped weighing frame on which pallets can be placed easily and safely.

Stable construction

Four precision load cells are mounted under the scale bridge, which also represent the four support points of the platform scale. The construction of the platform scale is very robust and is therefore also suitable for heavy loads. All platform scales can be placed on the floor or embedded into a foundation. The above-ground scales can be delivered including drive-on ramps, so that e. g. forklifts can easily drive on it. Collision protection bars are also available as an option.

Your advantages:

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Maintenance-free design

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Minimal assembly effort

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Proven stainless steel load cells

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Easy operation

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Calibration approval

Choose the right platform scale

Before buying a platform scale, you are faced with the question of which bridge size and weighing capacity is ideal for your application. We would be happy to help you choosing the right scale. Our electronic platform scales are available by default in various bridge sizes from 750 mm x 750 mm to approx. 2,000 mm x 1,500 mm and have a weighing capacity in the range from 300 kg to 3,000 kg. For special applications, individual platform sizes can also be manufactured.

The platform and pallet scales can be calibrated by us and are therefore approved for billing in commercial transactions.

Various weighing terminals can be connected to the platform scales. We will offer the right device depending on your individual requirements. The connection of a software system is also possible as an option – for recording and processing your weighing data.

We also offer very precise laboratory scales or bench scales. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Any questions?

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