Laboratory automation

Automatic grain analysis with BITZER laboratory machines

Due to the ongoing consolidation in the agricultural sector, large, high-performance locations are increasingly being created, while many small grain receiving points are being closed. This means that at the remaining or newly created locations, a higher capacity is required in the acceptance of grain. In addition to these increased requirements, the general shortage of skilled workers is also noticeable in agricultural businesses, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and keep qualified and reliable personnel.

With the BITZER laboratory machines, we provide grain measuring devices that have different levels of automation help to check the quality of the grain reliably, quickly and transparently. This is how the quick analysis succeeds as a prerequisite for a quality-related storage. This in turn is decisive for the economic further marketing as well as the requirements of quality management regarding the traceability of food (EU regulation 178/2002).

Modular structure for the grain laboratory

The BITZER laboratory machines have a modular design, so that the entry-level BITZER Impurity Machine can be expanded to the BITZER Automatic Sample Analyser.

The Impurity Machine consists of a sample cleaner and legal for trade scales so that the values ​​for good grain, sorted goods and unusable waste are automatically determined within one process. This leads to an acceleration of stocking analysis for an effective gross acceptance.

The sample scales integrated in the Impurity machine are controlled via the central weighing indicator.  The sample is cleaned using a built-in sample cleaner.

The results are displayed in plain text in absolute terms and as a percentage on the central control unit. Optionally, the printout on a self-adhesive reference sample label is possible.

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Entry level

to increase efficiency in laboratory work

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Time saving

by aspiration, sieving and weighing in one operation