Scale construction

The term scale construction describes the industry or activity that deals with the manufacture of scales for the purpose of determining weight. Scales are divided into automatic and non-automatic scales and can be differentiated according to accuracy classes.

Accuracy classes of scales

The accuracy of non-automatic scales is represented by accuracy classes I to IIII. In the industrial environment, category III, commercial scales, is of the greatest importance. Class IIII rough scales, on the other hand, are only approved for weighing inexpensive goods such as sand or gravel. Higher-value goods such as grain are weighed exclusively using commercial scales. The use of inaccurate scales would otherwise lead to considerable losses in the case of higher-quality or more expensive goods.

Automatic scales, such as bulk scales, are divided into the accuracy classes 0.2 (+/- 0.10%), 0.5 (+/- 0.25%), 1 (+/- 0.50%) based on their percentage error limit. ) and 2 (+/- 1.00%).

BITZER weighing technology as a scale manufacturer

BITZER Wiegetechnik GmbH is a scale manufacturer who, with its decades of experience in the field of scale construction, offers its customers high-quality scales. The company was founded in 1948 as a scales service company and developed into a manufacturer of industrial weighing technology. BITZER Wiegetechnik GmbH manufactures commercial scales in particular, e.g. vehicle scales or platform scales, for weighing goods or entire truck trains and automatic scales, e.g. hopper scales or belt scales, for weighing free-flowing bulk materials.

Software as an important part of the scales

Software components also play an important role in scale construction. A software program is usually used in combination with scales to operate the scales, automatically create weighing slips and process the weighing data obtained. The scale manufacturer can also connect additional components such as radio remote controls to the scale software, which means that weighing, for example with vehicle scales, can be conveniently triggered directly from the driver’s cab of a truck.

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