Bulk scales

The BITZER bulk scale (or hopper scale or continuous scale) is ideal for automatically weighing free-flowing bulk materials. Thanks to decades of experience in the manufacture of high-quality scales for industry, the Bitzer company has special know-how in the manufacture of automatic bulk scales, particularly in the sugar and grain trade sectors.

The scale frame of the bulk scale consists of a stable welded construction. The equipment includes pneumatic shut-off flaps in the inlet and pneumatic bottom discharge flaps in the lower part of the weighing container.


The bulk scales are available in the standard version in the performance classes 10 t/h to 400 t/h or as high-performance scales with a capacity of up to 600 t/h and as duplex scales with capacities of up to 1,000 t/h. Due to its high performance, the duplex bulk scale has proven itself for weighing large quantities (e.g. loading/unloading ships).

Bulk scales can also be used as liquid scales to measure flow rates and for dosing and are used e.g. in the sugar industry as molasses scales. This special construction serves to weigh the dark brown sugar syrup, which is a by-product of sugar production and is used, for example, in animal feed production.

Accuracy of bulk scales

All bulk scales from BITZER can be calibrated and achieve an accuracy of approx. 0.25%. Due to the precise adjustment of the container scales during installation, error limits of 0.10% are also possible. A high degree of accuracy is particularly important for weighing high-quality bulk goods such as grain, because deviations due to inaccurate measurements can lead to losses in the grain trade.

Integration in the value chain

The bulk scale, including the upstream and downstream containers, is integrated into the material flow or the loading conveyors of silos so that the material can be weighed immediately without interrupting the production process.

Bulk scales are also used when loading ships, e.g. in the port of Hamburg. The BITZER container scales help to handle sea freight as efficiently as possible and thus optimize the lay times of ships.

Conversion and software connection

In addition, Bitzer has many years of experience in converting mechanical bulk scales to fully electronic bulk scales. The advantage of a modernized bulk scale lies in a significant increase in capacity and the option of connecting the bulk scale to the BITZER Web Agrar software and thus integrating it into a logistics system.

Service offering

As a certified manufacturer, BITZER is permitted to put the bulk scalesinto operation throughout the EU in accordance with the MID directive without the verification office, so that official reverification is only necessary after two years.

BITZER weighing technology also carries out maintenance on the scales in order to guarantee customers that they will function properly and be available for decades.

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