Truck scales

The company BITZER Wiegetechnik GmbH specializes in the manufacture and installation of scales, such as car scales. These are available in a concrete and steel version and are therefore ideally suited for various applications. The high concrete quality C45/55 for bridge and foundation trough in the concrete version guarantees the durability of the scales. The steel version can be placed on the ground and is therefore very flexible to move. It is therefore particularly suitable for export to other countries or can be rented as a rental scale. However, this does not exclude the possibility of moving the concrete version of the truck scale, which can be relocated or dismantled.

Software application for the operation of the truck scale

In addition, one of the developed software solutions, e.g. BITZER Web Professional, can be used for the comfortable operation of the truck scale. The software can be adapted to the individual industry and customer and has a wide range of functions and evaluation options. The weighing data can also be transferred to other systems, such as merchandise management systems. For the pure operation of the weighings, the software BITZER Web Light can also be used. For customers from the agricultural sector or from the biogas sector, there is also the software solution BITZER Web Agrar.

Service offer around the truck scale

In addition to the truck scale and connected software, customers also receive extensive services for scale maintenance. In addition, the retrofitting or modernization of aging truck scales is also possible, so that the service life can be extended cost-effectively and a new acquisition is not necessary.

BITZER Wiegetechnik GmbH also has several state-of-the-art calibration vehicles with which the calibrations required by law can be carried out flexibly and efficiently.

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