Your advantages at a glance

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Cost-minimised earthworks and roadworks

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High-quality concrete construction C45 / 55 for bridge and foundation trough

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Savings in operating costs thanks to maintenance-free load cells and elastomer bearings in rustproof design IP 68 (Made in Germany)

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Exact introduction of force into the load cell through elastomer bearings

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High degree of prefabrication of the scale construction for quick installation

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Locally relocatable / dismantling

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Manufacturer's initial verification - cost-effective and flexible without a calibration office

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"Everything from a single source" - installation, commissioning, calibration by the manufacturer, maintenance and service by regional partners on site

Flexible design and versatile

Our verifiable weighbridge is characterized by its high degree of prefabrication. Thus, the services to be provided by the customer to prepare the construction site are minimized. The weighbridge is available both in a ground-level version and as an above-floor scale.

In addition to the standard construction of the weighbridge, in which strip foundations have to be prepared as support points, it is also possible to deliver the weighbridge with a reinforced base plate. In this case, the ground only has to be compacted to be stable in order to be able to mount the weighbridge. The compact design enables the scale to be easily dismantled, e.g. B. Locations are closed or restructured. In addition to the standard sizes, Bitzer also offers weighbridges in excess lengths and widths (3.30 m and 3.50 m). The ground-level weighbridges are available with a foundation depth of 0.9 m.

The use of the ground-level weighbridge is completely embedded in the floor and is therefore particularly useful when space on the company premises is limited. Due to the ground level, the scale can also be driven across.

In addition to the weighbridges, customers also receive extensive services for automatic and non-automatic weighbridges. BITZER also has several state-of-the-art calibration vehicles with which the recalibration required by law can be carried out flexibly and efficiently.

We are glad to be here for you.

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