Floor scale

Our high-quality, verifiable floor scales are ideal for installation at ground level. Thus, the patented floor scale can also be driven over transversely. Due to the use of high quality load cells and special elastomer bearings “Made in Germany” no wear of the load cells is to be expected. Furthermore, only concrete with a grade of C45/55 is used for the scale bridges and foundation troughs.

Due to the compact design, the floor scale can be relocated comparatively easily, so that demountability is guaranteed at any time. Bitzer also offers scales in excess lengths (e.g. 26 m, 28 m or 36 m) and excess widths (3.30 m and 3.50 m).

Floor scale as platform scale

The floor scale is also known as a platform scale, which is made of steel, stainless steel or concrete, depending on the customer’s requirements. In addition to standard dimensions, a customized floor scale can also be supplied. Such constructions can be installed above ground level or installed at ground level by installation in the floor.

Advantages of a floor scale

In principle, a verifiable weight can be determined using a floor scale. Depending on the weighing ability and construction of the scales, these are so-called platform scalesor vehicle scales. The use of high-quality load cells and elastomer bearings saves follow-up costs for maintenance, servicing and repairs on the floor scale for vehicles. By using modern weighing electronics, the calibration-relevant parts can often be retained when replacing the weighing electronics and a new calibration can be avoided. Certified manufacturers can place floor scales on the market without the verification office by carrying out the so-called conformity assessment.

Floor scales as road vehicle scales

In some cases, road vehicle scales are also referred to as floor scales. The floor scales are used to weigh entire truck trains and ensure compliance with road traffic regulations with regard to the permitted total weight. The weighed goods can also be billed using calibrated vehicle scales. The scales are subject to mandatory calibration in commercial class III in accordance with the Measurement and Calibration Act (MessEG). Certified manufacturers can market the floor scales themselves when they are put into operation for the first time. By means of a so-called conformity assessment, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the measuring system. However, market surveillance in terms of consumer protection and the legally required subsequent verification of floor scales after 2 or 3 years (depending on the weighing capability of the scale) are still the responsibility of the verification authorities.

Scales for rent and for sale

In addition to buying floor scales, these scales can also be rented. Some customers use the rental scales temporarily, others prefer continuous rental payments for floor scales to a new investment. In the majority of cases, floor scales are rented if the operator only runs a temporary business premises or larger construction measures are planned that will require a stationary scale at a different location at a later date. Floor scales provided on loan help the operator to adapt flexibly to changing market conditions. The availability of rental scales usually depends on seasonal factors, such as the grain harvest, since there is an increasing demand for calibratable weighing systems, such as vehicle scales, during these times.

Germany-wide service network

The principle of “everything from a single source” refers to the purchase, maintenance and calibration of the floor scale. As a manufacturer active throughout Germany, we have service partners throughout Germany who provide competent regional support for the scales from assembly to regular maintenance and calibration.

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