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What is special about our in-motion scales?

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Load cells are easily accessible

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Fast and highly precise weighing

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High quality components

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Also available in stainless steel

Continuous scale

The continuous scale is often also referred to as a bulk scale or hopper scale and is suitable for the automatic weighing of free-flowing, non-caking bulk materials (e.g. heavy grain, sugar, etc.). The continuous scale is used for receiving and loading as well as for mixing and dosing in production. In addition, it is also used as a process checkweigher for internal measurements and for checking filling quantities. In the agricultural industry, for example, continuous scales are used to weigh grain when it is loaded onto trucks or ships. Due to the large capacity of ships, the checkweigher here is often designed as a duplex scale (two identical bulk scales in one housing). With a capacity of up to 1,000 t/h, loading is faster and thus more cost-effective. Docking costs at ports are very expensive.

For decades, BITZER Wiegetechnik GmbH has been intensively engaged in the with the construction, pro-duction and sales of scale systems and therefore also the Conveyor scale is part of the prod-uct range of the Hildesheim scale specialist. The continuous scale consists of an inlet with pneumatic shut-off flaps and a weighing container with load cells and pneumatic shut-off and bottom discharge flaps. With the automatic weighfeeders (SWT function), the total quantity is determined by adding up the individual pours. The corresponding loading program automatically carries out the individual the appropriate loading program automatically carries out individual pours until the specified total quantity has been reached. Pre- and secondary hoppers for the continuous weigher can also be supplied as an option.

Precise, service-friendly and fail-safe

The design of the BITZER continuous scale offers, among other things, the advantage that load cells and pneumatic components are easily accessible, which considerably minimizes the effort required for maintenance or service work. The high-quality components guarantee a long service life as well as a fail-safe, fast and high-ly precise weighing of your bulk materials (measuring accuracy +/- 0.10 to 0.25 %). The scale can be designed in mild steel, but also in stainless steel.

Achieve an increase in efficiency for your weighing processes with this highly precise, auto-mated weighing solution.

The continuous scale is operated either via weighing electronics in the control cabinet, which is also available in several languages, or alternatively via BITZER software solutions. The weighing electronics perform the automatic addition of the weight values including residual weighing.

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Of course, defined partial quantities can also be deducted, several scales can be operated with one weighing electronics and delivery bills can be generated.

In addition, the scales can be connected to different bus systems (e.g. Profibus/Profinet) and integrated into the existing process control system (PCS). Furthermore, the use of a level indicator is practical.

The BITZER continuous scale is available in various container sizes and has a standard output of between 10 t/h and 600 t/h. This corresponds to a weighing capacity of 10 kg to 3,000 kg. On request, however, BITZ-ER can also realize special requirements on a continuous scale (e.g. ATEX version).

Conversion / modernization of existing weighfeeders

Furthermore also the retrofitting or repair of an already outdated, existing continuous existing checkweigher is one of the special fields of BITZER Weighing Technology GmbH. Thus it is possible to convert your old mechanical scale into a fully electronic and ultra-modern weighing system.

As a customer you will profit from such a conversion, among other things, by the fact that an increase throughput can be achieved.

Another advantage is the possibility to connect the weighbridge to an industry-specific soft-ware to a branch specific software, e.g. BITZER Web Agrar, and to integrate it into a complete logistics system.

Calibration and maintenance of your weighbridge

As a certified manufacturer, BITZER is also authorized to calibrate continuous scales within the EU without the presence of a verification officer. An official recalibration is due after two years.

If you should wish a maintenance of your weighbridge, the name BITZER stands for compe-tence and reliability.

We are glad to be here for you.

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